Hsin Tai

Tainan Municipal Hsin-tai Elementary School, located in Sin-ying district, Taiwan City, has only 18-year history since the foundation in 2000. A talented and experienced staff led by principal ---
Mr. Lai,zhao-kuai, enlarges the development of the school and struggles for the future.

School Vision

The school is committed to
✿providing a secure and supportive environment where all students are encouraged to learn happily,
✿fostering the development of positive self-confidence,
✿reinforcing students’ thankfulness and cherishing blessings, and
✿encouraging students’ to become global village explorers.


School Features

✿To enrich students’ learning environment, we offer multi-media teaching to each homeroom class.
✿To promote students’ physical fitness, we establish sports clubs such as table tennis, basketball, in-line skating , swimming, kickboxing and Chinese yo-yo.
✿To develop students’ musical intelligences, we set up music clubs such as chorus, children’s band and orchestra.
✿To improve students’ English ability, we develop a variety of English activities, such as 「English Day」, 「Spelling Bee」、「Festival Celebrating」, 「Weekly Sentences」, 「English Competition」
✿To honor students’ behavior, we have an 「Awards Time」each Monday morning.
To welcome the first graders , we have a 「Welcome Party 」in the beginning of the first semester.
✿To have a good relationship with the community, we invite the residents to join the activities of the school.




Address: No.77, Dongxue Rd., Xinying Dist., Tainan City 730, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

For further information,
please check the extentions and emails of each office.